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Open up your research!- Implementing open science practices in research design

Kurzus leírása

You are doing research for a reason: you are motivated to achieve change. You wish to come up with a new technology, an innovative method, a novel approach to a certain problem. But can you achieve real change if your innovative ideas are not known, trusted and used by the relevant stakeholders of your research?

Open Science is a methodology that helps you connect with the knowledge actors important for you. Open Science is more than Open Access: it is a co-creation methodology based on systematic sharing of knowledge within, but also beyond the academic community as early and as widely as possible. Also, Open Science is a requirement of the projects funded by Horizon Europe, the primary European research funding framework, so we might as well master it if we want to be successful applicants.

The first objective of the course is to introduce Open Science by showing its context, content and practice. The second objective is to make you think: how can you open up your research to achieve impact beyond academia? 

Kurzus kimenete
  • understanding different types of research impact as European grant requirements
  • factoring stakeholders beyond academia in your research
  • getting familiar with the concept and context of Open Science, develop solid knowledge of the Horizon Europe grant requirements
  • providing new perspectives for designing research concepts and methodologies
Dr. Schenk Borbála, Chief European Research Funding Advisor, BME-FIEK Center for University-Industry Cooperation
Kurzuskód: PHDLA2032
Ideje: 2022.03.18. 09:15 - 11:00
Helyszín: Online
Mely doktori iskola részére: összes
Résztvevők ajánlott száma: 30
Kiknek ajánljuk: PhD candidates, PhD students, young researchers