The course description

Writing in English isn’t only about translating your thoughts into the English language, but also about making sure that those reading your thoughts can follow the logic and structure of the article. This course will help you better understand how Anglo-Saxon cultural logic can help you publish better in English. We will cover the basics of writing logic and article structure that can lead to more successful articles in the future. To better understand the concepts, we will look at articles that have been published or are in the process and examine each step of writing a successful article. To get the largest impact out of this class, please bring an article you have already written, or that you are in the process of writing.


At the end of the course, you will be able to write better, more logical, and clearer articles in the future. Following the logic of the English language will lead to more effective writing techniques that will have an immediate effect on your writing.

Előadó / Lecturer

  • Fehér, Réka
    Native speaker Lecturer
    Institute for English and American Studies, ELTE-BTK

Adatok / Information

Kurzuskód / Course code: PHDLA1137
Időpont / Date: ( 2018. november 15. 09:15–12:00
Időtartam / Duration: 3 hours
Helyszín / Location: Building K, 1st floor, Room 1.72
Mely doktori iskola részére / For which doctoral school: all
Résztvevők ajánlott száma / Recommended number of participants: 5-25 person
Kiknek ajánljuk / Who we recommend: PhD students and youth scientists
Jelentkezés / Registration: jelentkezési űrlap / registration form